Get to know us briefly

Wuxi KS Import and Export Limited company specializes in the research and development, production and sales of textile equipment. We also have more than 7 years experiences in this filed and exported the goods to different regions and countries

We have long cooperated with cotton, wool, hemp, spun silk and chemical fiber machinery for Trademark frame, drawing frame, roving frame, spinning frame, combing machine,weaving looms (such as air jet loom, Water jet loom, rapier loom, projectile ), jacquard machines, dyeing and finishing machines and other textile machinery and equipment are matched and exported.

There are more than a thousand products, such as (pin spacer, cradle, false twister, snail wire, roller bearing, yarn tension sensor, fluff cleaning gun, carpet and jacquard machine Pulley, Gripper Membrane, tape guide hook, brake lining, gripper, tape, wheel, frame,etc.).suitable for some machine model such as( Picanol, Vamatex, Somet, Dornier, Sulzer ,Muller,etc), Autoconer machine parts (Savio Espero,Orion,Schlafhorst 238/338/X5, Murata 21C, etc.), Open-end spinning machine parts,TFO & SSM machine parts, etc.)

Wuxi KS continues to introduce new and difficult engineering plastic accessories, especially a series of patented products such as carbon fiber cradle with pressure bar, carbon fiber cradle of roving frame, and Siro spinning adjustable double-mouth horn with independent intellectual property rights. Inventions and applications have made great contributions to the innovation and progress of the textile industry. Based on the business strategy of “survive by quality, and development by quality”.

Wuxi KS Group strictly complies with the ISO9000 quality management system, and adheres to the pioneering spirit of high efficiency, pragmatism and diligence, and the corporate philosophy of high quality and high efficiency. Perfect value-added services, dedicating “high quality and low price” products to the textile industry. Operate with integrity, create together, build a learning-oriented workforce, build a customer- and market-oriented organizational system, coordinate to achieve outstanding economic, environmental and social benefits, use innovative concepts to optimize and upgrade the industrial structure, and promote the company’s continued steady development.

Post time: Nov-25-2020