Featured Product Introduction

Pin Spacer

The Mechanism And Application Practice Of The Cradle Of The Pressure Bar In The Front Zone And The Pin Spacer Of The Pressure Bar Are Discussed. Through The Test Of Two Varieties Of J36~S(?)C40~S On The Spinning Frame, The Results Show That: Use Wuxi Ks Brand Pin Spacer, Under The Same Process Conditions , The Use Of Pin Spacer With Pressure Bar Has Obvious Improvement On The Quality Of Yarn. The Cv Value, Detail, Thick Section And Cotton Section Of The Above Varieties Are Reduced By 4.47%, 35%, 11%, 16% Respectively, And The Hairiness Index Is Also Obvious. Improve.

Cleanning Gun

The Wuxi Ks Brand Fluff Cleaning Gun Can Be Used In Any Workplace. It Is Made Of High-Quality Metal Materials, With Light Hand Feeling, High Rotation Speed And Long Retention Time. The Cleaning Rod Has Different Lengths Such As 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, Etc., Which Can Be Selected According To The Needs Of Various Spinning Machines.Clean Quickly And Thoroughly, Reduce Yarn Defects, Reduce End Breaks, Improve Yarn Quality, And Reduce Labor Intensity.

Tape Soap

As Everyone Knows, Tape Soap Is The Best Partner For Tape. The Tape Soap Produced By Wuxi Ks Uses Extremely Pure Raw Materials To Ensure That The Finished Product Is More Pure And Delicate. When The Tape Is Working, It Can Lubricate The Tape More Uniformly And Increase The Service Life Of The Tape. Tape Soap Is Suitable For Various Rapier Looms, Such As Optimax, K88/LEONARDO, GAMMA, FAST, And Wuxi Ks Can Support Custom Tape Soap Of Various Sizes And Shapes To Meet The Different Needs Of Customers.

Gripper Membrane (Polyurethane)

Gripper Membrane (Polyuretheane) Is The Absolutly Teerless For The Longest Drive Of Auto Doffing Ring Frame Spinning Machine. Wuxi Ks Brand Gripper Membrane Has The High Performance Durability With Material Property, Perticular Hardness With Tension And Extension Graph.Suitable For Rieter & Marzoli Auto Doffing Ring Frame Machine.

Post time: Nov-25-2020